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Being a parent is to be embraced and bring joy. But it is not always that easy.

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Episode 1: My Reason Why


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Episode: 2 Supporting a Child When their Parent Has Died - Christmas edition 


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Episode 3: Parent Pressure at Christmas.                                                                               

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Episode 4: Helping your child with their anger


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Episode 5: Domestic Violence to Thriving Mum - Special guest Kerry Farmer

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Episode 6: Growing up gay - Special guest Sal Wigginton


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Episode 7: Fostering Connection - Special guest Olivia Edwards  

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Episode 8: My Baby Wont Sleep. HELP - Special guest Brenda Porter


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Episode 9: Neurodiversity and Family Dynamics - Special guest Julia Gudinchet


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Episode 10: Self care MATTERS - Special guest Emma Benyon                                                                           
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Episode 11: I'm a SEND Parent! HELP Special guest Donna Marie Mowlds


Coming soon - 14th April 2024

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Episode 12: Bonding with Baby Signing - Special guest Shelley Ensore 


Coming soon - 1st May 2024
🎧 35 min listen 
Episode 13: Battling the EHCP System - Special guest Nicole Bateman
Coming soon - 15th May 2024

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Episode 14:Blended Families - Special guest Miryka Yeates


Coming soon - 31st May 2024

🎧 40 min listen 

Episode 15: Helping children with their emotions Special guest Wendy Miller
Coming soon - 14th June 2024
🎧 60 min listen 
Episode 16: The Power of Pausing - Special guest Helen Kelynack
Coming soon - 30th June 2024

🎧 57 min listen 

Episode 17: Our Outer World is a Reflection of Our Inner WorldSpecial guest Louise Simpson
Coming soon - 14th July 2024

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Episode 18:TBC - Special guest Moira KB


Coming soon - 1st August 2024

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Nicki Saunders

Host, Mum and Therapist

As a mum, therapist and parenting expert, Nicki will share the highs and lows and guide you through the ever-changing landscape of parenting. She believes that whatever our experiences we have the power to change our life and parenting road map to whatever we want it to be.

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