Hi, I'm Nicki, and this is my story.


Having reached my late 40s, I do wonder where the last 20 years have gone! I have a husband, two children, who are both pretty much grown up now, and a pooch I adore.

My passion for counselling began in my mid 20's when I sought such support. 

I will never forget the day my counsellor said to me (yep, most counsellors have counselling too), in between my tears and probably snot, 'Have you ever considered going into this work'? I thought she was actually mad....... me......a counsellor.......never!!! After all, I was sitting in front of her, right!!

Her words stuck with me, though. So, throughout the following years, I trained and studied and finally left university in 2003 with a Post Graduate diploma, to my name, in Integrative Counselling Practice..... woo hoo.

Since then, I have developed my private practice and worked with many people for over 20 years to help support and improve their lives.

I am a clinical supervisor and have developed and delivered training programmes to counsellors and clients alike.

I am accredited by the British Association for counselling and psychotherapy (www.bacp.co.uk), which is regulated by the professional standards authority. I have worked alongside many large organisations supporting their staff using brief interventions, together with working with many people on a longer-term basis. 

My love for helping people heal from their past and present pains has always been my main passion. There is nothing better than spending every day doing a job you love!

I am creating various courses to share with you to impart my wisdom and knowledge, together with the strategies I have developed along the way, that I believe have helped so many people.

If any part of you is questioning whether counselling is for you, I would say, "give it a go". What have you got to lose?

You never know, like me, it may just turn your life around, OR it may simply support your ongoing journey.

If you want to know a little more about how I work, then take a look at my 'What is Counselling?' page.


P.S. I love walking, hence the pic.

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